On-Demand SolidWorks Design

& Engineering Services

The exact support you need,

when you need it.

Need product design support?
Have a special project outside your core competency?
Access our in-house design team On-Demand.

No interviewing, no hiring, no hassles. Here when you need us, gone when you don’t!


We have many cycles of learning with product design and development as well as manufacturing implementation. We can augment your development efforts by customizing a solution that fits your needs exactly.


We partner with top of the line specialty manufacturers in order to plan, coordinate and deliver unequaled product realization services. You can access any or all of the product design and development expertise that you need, from concept development, through prototyping, testing and production launch.

We Specialize in providing
Certified SolidWorks Professionals On-Demand


Our employees are tested and hired by us before
we ask you to hire them as contractors.

Typical recruiters are called headhunters for a reason. They want you to take the responsibility and risk in hiring, while they take the profit. Not only have we already made the hiring commitment, but we can also help you by providing:

  • A powerful graphics workstation ($3,000 value)
  • A SolidWorks license ($10,000 value)
  • Additional SolidWorks products as required (Industrial Designer, Composer, etc.)
  • Altair & Materialize Design & Analysis software licences
“The support, quality and professionalism I received from Interlink Engineering completely exceeded my expectations.
What I appreciated most about Interlink Engineering was their ability to begin the design where the “rubber meets the road”.
In doing this, InterLink was able to address the most critical concerns first, avoiding any surprises later in the design.
I would highly recommend Interlink Engineering to anyone requiring their services. The customer service, quality,
and professionalism I experienced from Interlink Engineering was exceptional.”

Tony DeSylvester; Manufacturing Engineer, Goodrich Interiors