Flexible Engineering Support

We help our customers mitigate risk, by providing the right engineering talent during times of peak demand. We do this by carefully listening to what our customers ask for, and using our years of experience in design and manufacturing, we craft engineering solutions that are customized to their needs.  We consider our customers to be long-term partners, and we do everything we can to behave that way.

Why InterLink Engineering?

We specialize in providing Certified SolidWorks Professionals On-Demand. We do this by evaluating the best in the industry and having a custom ranking tool based on both the soft and hard skills of each engineer. We then hire the best suited candidates to become part of our team. Our engineers also have broad skill sets in both mechanical design and product development. Additionally, we offer exceptional support when you need it. You have access to our in-house design team On-Demand without the hassle of interviewing and hiring!

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Have a Special Project Outside Your Core Competency?

We partner with top of the line specialty manufacturers in order to plan, coordinate and deliver unequaled product realization services. You can access any or all of the product design and development expertise that you need, from concept development, through prototyping, testing and production launch.

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