CAD Designers

We help our customers mitigate risk, by providing the right engineering talent during times of peak demand. We specialize in providing Certified CAD Designers On-Demand.

Remote Mechanical Engineer

Utilize one or more of our in-house engineers at our Phoenix Design Center. Keep your project moving forward and on schedule without increasing headcount at your office. Pay for just the time needed to complete your project.




& SW license


No Capital Costs; Save $7,000-12,000

Temp to Perm Mechanical Engineer

We find the right engineer for you, to work at our facility directly for you, using our customized selection process and your requirements. Reduce your risk with 60 days to evaluate the hire before we invoice for the service. 




Adapt quickly while eliminating training costs


Only spend
what’s necessary

What is CAD?

The use of computers to help in the development, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design is known as computer-aided design. This software is used to increase the designer’s efficiency, improve design quality, improve communication through documentation, and generate a database for manufacturing.

Benefits of On-Demand?

When you have flexible, on-demand professionals, you schedule them exactly when and where you need them. Rather than hiring full-time staff, you draw from a pool of on-demand workers who have the expertise required for that specific shift or project.

Our Designers are Certified

Our designers are SolidWorks certified professionals, also known as CSWP, which stands for Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional. It’s a title earned by individuals who have passed an advanced skills examination. CSWP certification is recognized worldwide as a significant achievement that demonstrates competence in SolidWorks.

“Each CSWP has proven their ability to design and analyze parametric parts and moveable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SolidWorks software.” — SOLIDWORKS

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us.

Ever need short term engineering help? With engineers that understand tooling?
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