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The engineering practice of designing products to optimize their manufacturing ease and cost given form, fit, and function criteria is known as design for manufacturability. Because manufacturing processes are so diverse, efficient design for manufacturability may need quite different assessments for different products, ranging from molded parts, cooling times, and the type of material or machine chosen.

Reduce Costs with DfM

To keep expenses under control, it’s important to begin thinking about how your product will be manufactured before you begin. Following Dfm to create your design means the factory can quickly prepare it for production without any costly revisions.

Improved Quality

When you design for manufacturing from the start, you have more control over the final product. However, if a product does not translate well to being manufactured, factories will often modify the design if it doesn’t fit within their manufacturing processes resulting in a low quality finished product.

Design For Additive Manufacturing

We assist manufacturers in identifying opportunities and applying Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) design technologies. We provide the experience and guidance necessary for smooth implementation of new products or conversion of existing ones. Think of us as Application Specialists for Additive Manufacturing.

What is DfAM?

Design for Additive Manufacturing means to design for manufacturing with 3D printers. Different from conventional manufacturing, additive design enables engineers to build more complex shapes and components while reducing weight and material use.

Benefits of DfAM:

  • Design more complex parts
  • Minimal material waste
  • Simplified assembly
  • Speed to market
  • Material innovation
  • Instant revisions
  • Minimum support structures
  • Elimination of fasteners
  • Part Identification/Serialization
  • Digital Inventory
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