End-of-Arm Tooling simplifies the process of reconfiguring robotic end-effectors. These dependable and stable systems allow for quick and easy tool changes, reducing downtime caused by adjusting manual tool changers or manually removing and installing equipment. EOAT is used in a variety of industries, including automotive and medical.

Benefits of EOAT:


Industrial robots are amazing machines, but they depend on an equally impressive range of end-effectors to complete their tasks. The robot can work as intended with the correct EOAT in place, giving increased productivity and a rapid return on investment (ROI). End-effectors are a vital component of industrial robot value.

Types of EOAT:

  • Adaptive Grippers
  • Parallel End Effectors
  • Vacuum End Effectors
Design it to be 3D


Why? To remove weight, to eliminate fasteners, to reduce part count, to integrate air, vacuum & electronic passages.


What? Eliminating fasteners and reducing part count happens automatically with the decision to use 3D Printed – End of Arm Tools. The reason? Geometry control. With Additive in mind, designers have infinite freedom conceptually. You are no longer restricted to standard sheet or extrusion stock. And there is no cutoff waste. Topology and strength are optimized; balancing cost and safety.


Removing weight means less energy is required to move your robotic equipment. You might be able to increase your machine speed, and possibly, your throughput. Or save energy! 

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