Fixture Design & Fabrication

Rely on our expertise to design and build your manufacturing aids for assembly, testing or measuring. We have developed many for our customers and can include automation and data collection. 

Custom Programmable Test Stand

For electro-mechanical medical devices.
To validate the life cycle of components.

Precision Cutting Fixture

With integrated vacuum chuck. Used for biomedical implants.

Induction Coil Winder

QC Gauge

Holding turbine rotor blade for various
QC measurements.

Medical Indent Jig

Securing product during various assembly steps and marking for refurbishment.

Alcohol Wipe Test

Motorized test fixture for testing alcohol wiping on grips to simulate years of wear quickly.

Overclamp Cabinet

Circuit board test probes

Stealth Pod

The bipod adjusts to any shooting
position for your gun to rest on.

See product here

Grommet Press

Spindle Clamp

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