Engineering simulation refers to the prediction (or calculation) of non-linear, mathematical problems that cannot be solved on paper. Many industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, and electronics design, utilize engineering simulation to make key decisions while saving money.

Fluid Dynamics

Many variables contribute to the performance of your products; varying temperatures, physical characteristics, and fluids moving through individual channels of your design. By simulating the fluid motion within these channels you can better predict exactly how your product will perform in different operating environments.

How We Help

Our customers come to us to see how their designs will perform in a real-world application with moving fluids. Want to know how a computer fan will behave as you’re running through your entire CPU? What about the air flowing over an airplane wing? Our CFD engineers will simulate the fluid flow for you, showing you how your design could be improved to perform better. We provide on-demand engineering services that will quickly help you to determine if your design is viable or needs improvement.


Through the use of cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology, we will develop high-performance, dependable, and cost-effective solutions. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, we can assist you in meeting your design goals.

Let’s Talk CFD

We’re a team of computational flow, structural, and heat transfer professionals who love nothing more than diving into the details to solve complex problems. Call us today to talk more about your CFD needs.